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Rear Door Release

The Rear Door Release provides a secure, flush mount, concealed latch for use in data cabinets, enclosures, and related applications. This product was developed to reduce the overall cost of high security cabinet locking solutions without sacrificing security. The ideal application is to install an electronic lock assembly on the front door and a Rear Door Release on the back.

Rear Door Release

The assembly consists of a spring loaded rotary with mounting plate, 60" reinforced cable, and an actuator. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Part of the InterChange™ family of products.
  • Provides a concealed high security locking solution.
  • Use in conjunction with electronic locks for maintained security.
  • Ideal for rear door of a data cabinet.
  • For use in OEM and Retrofit applications.
  • Available with a tamperproof cover.

Many variations are available in cable lengths, actuators, and other options.

Please contact StockBridge for additional information or assistance in integrating the InterChange™ platform into your cabinets. If you prefer, we can work directly with your preferred cabinet manufacturer to integrate our system into their designs.


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