Patented InterChange for Data Cages & Enclosures!

Our patented InterChange™ Plate provides a platform to consolidate numerous hole patterns into one common interchangeable assembly. Upgrade or downgrade without expensive or time-consuming procedures.

No other system allows you to "interchange" locks or latches
with different installation footprints.

For example, a customer purchases a data cage or cabinet with an InterChange™ plate and a lock cylinder and handle pre-installed in the door. If future security requirements change, simply upgrade to a more sophisticated locking solution without any complicated or time consuming modifications. When it comes to data cages and cabinets, most if not all, locks and latches were designed with your "current" need in mind. They do not consider, nor do they address, the need for long-term flexibility and interchangeability. Our products were designed to offer customers the ability to easily substitute a new lock or latch without modifications or knowledge of the new hardware. Why limit yourself to one lock when you can have them all by combining multiple locking solutions into one common "interchangeable" installation method.

We Make Locks InterChange-Able


The Universal Mounting Plate consists of a powder-coated steel plate with threaded studs, mounting fasteners (mounting straps optional), and prepped for the lock/latch of your choice or completely assembled. The many benefits include:

  • Part of the InterChange™ platform of products.
  • One installation footprint.
  • One door with unlimited hardware options.
  • Reduces installation time and complexities.
  • Upgrade or downgrade products without complicated or expensive modifications.
  • Unique marketing capabilities by changing the color, size, shape, or by adding company logos and various pad printed artwork.
  • No complicated or expensive installation or retrofit procedures.
  • No installation training required, even for sophisticated locking solutions.
  • Reduced inventories due to consistent installation.

The ideal installation would be to contact your preferred cabinet manufacturer to incorporate the InterChange™ platform into their existing product line. The InterChange™ platform can also be retrofitted into your current cages and cabinets with some modifications.

Please contact StockBridge Industries for additional information or assistance in integrating the InterChange™ platform into your cabinets. If you prefer, we can work directly with your cabinet manufacturer to integrate our system into their designs.

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The InterChange Solution

Why settle for one lock,

when you can have them all!

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