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StockBridge Issued Patent for InterChange™

April 29, 2008

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued StockBridge a patent for the InterChange™ platform of products for use in data cages and cabinets. Over the years StockBridge has focused on creating an interchangeable group of products to address the growing concerns of asset and information security. This issuance is another significant company development as the InterChange™ platform gains momentum with large national corporations.

Please contact StockBridge for more information.

StockBridge Offers LA GARD Products


April 18, 2008

StockBridge Industries is pleased to announce the addition of LA GARD security products to the InterChange™ platform. As with all of the InterChange™ products, the LA GARD solutions may be purchased fully assembled or unassembled. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, LA GARD was purchased by Kaba Mas, a subsidiary of the Kaba Group. The Kaba Group is headquartered in Rumlang, Switzerland with over 10,000 employees positioned in nearly 60 countries. Kaba Mas, formerly the Mas-Hamilton Group, was founded in 1989 and with its Kaba and LA GARD brands is dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, control and accountability.

Feel free to contact StockBridge for more information.

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