About Us

Founded in 2001, StockBridge Industries is a manufacturing company specializing in electronic and mechanical hardware assemblies located in Stillwater, MN. Over the years we have focused our efforts on the Original Equipment Manufacturers for sheet metal applications and their respective customers. The objective was to target data cabinet security and address the growing concern of asset and information protection. We have earned our strong presence in the industry though exceptional support and innovative products. Our customers include hundreds of companies ranging from Fortune 1000 corporations to small business enterprises. Markets include Automotive, Communications & Networking, Electrical, Industrial, Medical, Military, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication and other market segments.

One Simple Goal

Over the years StockBridge has had one simple goal...provide high quality, value-added electronic or mechanical hardware solutions which revolve around one common installation method. We achieve this by producing a family of products which help to "bridge the gap" between present and future needs.

"In a sense, we allow our customers to see into the future by offering interchangeable products. Customers may purchase a cabinet with a low security device, and six months later upgrade to a high security device without any modifications or complicated installations. We've engineered 'change' into the design."
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