The StockBridge Solution


Over the years we have differentiated ourselves from our competition by our continuous pursuit of industry standardization and interchangeability. No other company has engineered change into their products like the "StockBridge Solution".

Have you ever wanted to upgrade to a more sophisticated cabinet lock? It's not an easy task. You need to make complicated modifications to the door or completely replace the door. It's expensive, time consuming, and in some cases requires technical knowledge of the lock installation.

Until now that is... Use our patented InterChange™ Plate and simply change the lock assembly, without replacing the door, complicated modifications, OR technical knowledge of the new lock installation. Remove the securing hardware, remove the old lock, insert the new lock assembly, secure it and you're done, that's it!

Yes, you read it correctly...

Without Replacing, Modifying, or Technical Knowledge!


  • One common installation footprint.
  • One "simplified" installation method.
  • Unlimited hardware options including:
    • Lock cylinders
    • Keyless electronic locks
    • Remote door release
    • L handles
    • T handles
    • Lift & turn latches
    • Compression latches
    • Quarter turn fasteners
    • Electric Door strikes
    • Numerous others
  • Field upgrade or downgrade cabinet security without replacing door.
  • No assembly or installation training required.
  • No complicated or labor-intensive procedures for future upgrades.
  • Products are bench tested prior to final installation for maximized quality control.
  • Reduced OEM inventories, part numbers, and lead times.

The InterChange Solution

Why settle for one lock,

when you can have them all!

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